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New Club Nintendo Reward – Featured Game Rewards for March 2014

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Club Nintendo has been updated with the four games being offered during March 2014 and until April 6, 2014. I’m nearly 100% positive that all these games have been offered before, but now you have a second chance to grab one that might be of interest to you.

New Club Nintendo Reward – Featured Game Rewards for January 2014

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New featured game rewards have been added to Club Nintendo for January 2014. Among these rewards are two DSiWare games, a Wii U Virtual Console game and one Wii Virtual Console game. Here are the games available this month:

New Club Nintendo Reward: Pre-order a Sweet Luigi’s Mansion Figurine

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Nintendo is offering Club Nintendo members a sweet Luigi’s Mansion figurine to celebrate the Year of Luigi. This figurine won’t be available until 2014, however, fans can pre-order their figurine now for 1500 coins. A bit pricey but certainly one of the cooler Club Nintendo rewards.

Get your Luigi’s Mansion Figurine Here

New Club Nintendo Reward: Featured Games for December 2013

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Nintendo has swapped out the featured games rewards for December, however, most of these are repeats if I’m not mistaken. We have mostly Virtual Console titles but there is a DSiWare title to choose, as well. Here are the Club Nintendo feature game rewards for December 2013:

These four games will be available until January 12, 2014.

New Club Nintendo Reward: Featured Games for November 2013

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A new month means new Club Nintendo game rewards are offered to loyal members. This month, gamers can actually get a real Nintendo eShop game for their Nintendo 3DS and not just a DSiWare game being paraded as a “3DS title.” Overall, there’s a nice variety to choose from this month including two retro masterpieces.

All games are being offered until December 8, 2013.

Colorful Nintendo 3DS XL Cradles Coming to Club Nintendo

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Hey, Nintendo 3DS XL owners, would you like a fancy, colorful charging cradle for your nifty handheld? Well, if you said yes, you’re in luck. Starting October 31, 2013, Nintendo will be offering five colored cradles (green, yellow, red, white, and blue) as a reward over at Club Nintendo. These awesome charging cradles will only be 500 coins but they will be limited in supply, which means you need to act fast because these puppies are going to fly off the digital shelf.


New Club Nintendo Reward: Featured Games for October 2013

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Another month brings a different lineup of featured game rewards over at Club Nintendo. This month, as is the usual, two games are available for the Wii/Wii U and Nintendo DSi/3DS systems. Those yearning for racing or adventure will find Super Mario Kart on the Wii and The Legend of Zelda on the 3DS Virtual Console. There’s even something here for those that like to play card games. Here is a list of this month’s featured games:

New Club Nintendo Reward: Featured Games for September 2013

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Club Nintendo has just been updated with four new game rewards for September 2013. This month, and until October 6, Club Nintendo members can pick up a digital copy of Zoda’s Revenge: StarTropics II, Pilotwings, Art Academy: First Semester, or Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again. Each gamecan be downloaded for just 150 coins.

New Club Nintendo Reward: Featured Games for August 2013

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New featured game rewards – for the month of August 2013 – are now available over at Club Nintendo. There is a nice variety available this month including two Wii Virtual Console games, a 3DS Virtual Console game, and a DSiWare game.

Mario Golf (GBC) – Nintendo 3DS – 150 Coins
Brain Age Express: Sudoku – 3DS/DSi – 150 Coins
Wario’s Woods – Wii – 150 Coins
NES Play Action Football – Wii – 150 Coins

Club Nintendo 2013 Elite Status Rewards are Now Available

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Club Nintendo members that have achieved Elite Status can now head over the the Club Nintendo website to choose their reward. Here is what Nintendo is offering members this year:

Platinum Status (600 Coins)

Three-Poster Set: Limited edition posters featuring The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, 8-bit Luigi, and Pikmin 3.

or The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask Soundtrack: A re-release of the soundtrack for Majora’s Mask.

Gold Status (300 Coins)

A 2014 Club Nintendo Calendar, or their choice of the following digital downloads:

  • Super Smash Bros.
  • WarioWare D.I.Y.
  • The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX
  • Super Mario Land
  • Sakura Samurai: Art of the Sword

Remember, Platinum and Gold Elite Status members can only choose one reward, but Platinum Status members have the choice of selecting anything from either list.

Nintendo Digest: New Super Mario Bros. U Update

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Nintendo Digest: New Super Mario Bros. U Update

Not a lot on the plate for today’s Nintendo Digest, but an interesting update for New Super Mario Bros. U is live, and you can get double the Club Nintendo coins when you buy New Super Luigi U. Also, today brings the first entry in the Greatest Levels of Gaming feature that will appear in the Nintendo Digest on a weekly basis.

Explore the Nintendo Digest

New Super Mario Bros. U Update Readies you for New Super Luigi U

An update for New Super Mario Bros. U is now ready to download. This update will let you purchase the New Super Luigi U DLC directly from within the game. Also, this update also brings support for the Wii U Pro Controller, useable with both New Super Mario Bros. U, and New Super Luigi U.


Get Double the Club Nintendo Coins when you Buy New Super Luigi U

Download New Super Luigi U and complete its registration survey before August 1 to get double the Club Nintendo coins. Also, 980 random Club Nintendo members will win a limited edition Year of Luigi pin. If you don’t purchase New Super Luigi U, you can still enter to win by sending Nintendo a postcard.

Check out all the details for the promotion here.

Greatest Levels of Gaming: World 1-1 from Super Mario Bros.

No video game level is more iconic than World 1-1 from Super Mario Bros. Most gamers – of the 80s – were introduced to gaming with Super Mario Bros., so naturally, Level 1-1 is likely the first level they ever played. A few footsteps to the right and you’ll encounter the first – mostly harmless – Goomba, and of course, an unforgettable brick layout. You were probably already picturing this particular grouping of bricks in your mind, before you even finished reading the first sentence of this piece.

supermariobros_world11World 1-1 also happens to be the perfect introductory level for a video game. Why is that, I hear you ask. Well, because this level introduces the player to all the rules of Super Mario Bros. Fall down a pit, you die. Get hit by a Goomba, you die. Grab a Super Mushroom, become Super Mario. Grab a Fire Flower, throw fireballs. Fireballs kill Goombas, 1-UP Mushrooms give you more lives, coins are hidden everywhere, stars make you invincible, and touching the flagpole completes the level, if you reach it before the timer expires.

While World 1-1 doesn’t introduce the player to every single element of Super Mario Bros., but it does make sure you understand its rules before sending you off to discover the rest of its Mushroom Kingdom magic.

Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move – Mario’s Main Event Trailer

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New Club Nintendo Reward: Featured Games for June 2013

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Fans looking to beef up their digital collection of Nintendo games have the opportunity to cash in their Club Nintendo coins on four new featured games. This month, Nintendo is throwing some heavy hitters at its Club Nintendo members. The four titles available this month are:

Super Mario Bros. 3 – 150 Coins (Review)
F-Zero X – 200 Coins (Review)
Metroid II – 150 Coins
Link ‘n’ Launch – 150 Coins

I’m logging in now to get Metroid II (expect a review later this month), which of these titles are a threat to your Club Nintendo coins?

New Club Nintendo Reward: Super Mario Accessory Box

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Nintendo is offering a Super Mario Accessory Box reward to Club Nintendo members willing to part with 700 coins.

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