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Crimson Shroud Launch Trailer

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Missed this yesterday, but fear not, it’s here now, even if you’ve already watched the trailer.

Crimson Shroud Rolling onto the Nintendo eShop in December

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The last of the three Guild01 games coming to North America is Crimson Shroud, and we’ve been shrouded in darkness regarding a release date. Today, that changes.

Level-5 subtly announced the release date for Crimson Shroud in its press release for Aero Porter, a game that landed on the Nintendo eShop earlier today. Gamers don’t have to wait much longer for the unique tabletop-like RPG experience either. Read more

Trailer for all Three Level-5 eShop Games

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We reported on the announcement of three Level-5 games being brought to the eShop, but there wasn’t an american trailer until now. It’s not the greatest trailer either with very little gameplay to be seen. Though, all three titles (Liberation Maiden, Aero Porter, and Crimson Shroud) remain interesting nonetheless.

None of these titles have received a release date for North America, but should be coming soon.

Three Guild01 Titles Confirmed for Release in North America

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Three games from LEVEL-5’s Guild01 video game compilation will be coming to the Nintendo eShop in North America later this year. These games are created by the likes of Goichi Suda, Yoot Saito, and Yasumi Matsuno.

First up will be Suda 51’s Liberation Maiden. A shooter game set 100 years in the future, Liberation Maiden is about a high-school girl that becomes the President of Japan and must save her country with the help of her mech, Kumai. Sounds strange? Well, that’s Suda 51 at his best.

The two other titles confirmed for North America are Aero Porter and Crimson Shroud.

No release dates have been mentioned for North America as of yet, but all these titles will come before the end of 2012.