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Fire Emblem Awakening to Receive Free SpotPass Content Throughout Spring

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Fans will be able to get their hands on some sweet (and free) Fire Emblem Awakening SpotPass content starting today and throughout the spring. SpotPass content will be different from the DLC that can be purchased through the Outrealm Gate.

Today, gamers can get their hands on a map called “A Hard Miracle,” an adventure that follows Chrom on his journey with a mysterious woman to rescue a group of kidnapped villagers. On March 28, a map called “Ghost of Blade” will become available and follow the tale of a ghost and the ultimate sacrifice. On April 11, a map full of challenging enemies called “The Wellspring of Trust” will become available. Finally, on April 25, a map called “The Radiant Hero” will follow Chrom and friends on their search for a legendary hero.

In addition to these new maps, other free content will also become available. This additional content includes special weapons, new playable characters, and bonus challengers.


March 13, 2013

Fire Emblem Awakening launched on Feb. 4, exclusively on Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS XL, but bonus content keeps the game play going strong. Fans will continue to look forward to and receive free game content via SpotPass all the way through spring. This new SpotPass content is different from the downloadable content that is currently available through the game’s Outrealm Gate. The free SpotPass map available today is called “A Hard Miracle,” and follows the story of Fire Emblem Awakening main character Chrom as he encounters a mysterious woman and sets off on a journey with her to rescue a group of kidnapped villagers.

During the next few weeks, more maps will become available through the SpotPass feature. These include “Ghost of Blade” on March 28, a haunted tale about a ghost and the ultimate sacrifice; “The Wellspring of Trust” on April 11, a map full of challenging enemies; and “The Radiant Hero” on April 25, which takes place on an isolated island as Chrom and his allies search for a legendary hero. Players can also look forward to other special items that will be distributed for free via SpotPass, such as special weapons, additional playable characters and bonus challengers for the game’s Double Duel multiplayer mode.

SpotPass is a built-in Nintendo 3DS feature that allows content to be automatically downloaded to a Nintendo 3DS hand-held system through wireless Internet access points. To receive content in Fire Emblem Awakening, users must opt in to receiving content from SpotPass. To check if SpotPass is on, open the main menu in the game by pressing the X button, then select “Wireless,” then “SpotPass.”

When SpotPass data is downloaded to the Nintendo 3DS system, users will receive a notification message. After receiving this message, open the main menu in the game once more, then select “Wireless,” “Bonus Box” and “Update Now.” The SpotPass maps can be found under “Bonus Maps.”

For more information about Fire Emblem Awakening, visit http://fireemblem.nintendo.com.

Game of the Month – February 2013: Fire Emblem Awakening

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3DS_FireEmblemAwakening_package_NOAI played a few games throughout February, but only one had a major impact on me, and that game is Fire Emblem Awakening.

Let me start by saying that I am a complete newbie to the Fire Emblem series. I learned about some of the characters thanks to the Super Smash Bros. games, and was a little familiar with the basics of the gameplay, but never did I have the pleasure of playing any of the games.

Before starting the game, I knew that I wanted to have the full Fire Emblem experience, so I decided to play with the classic rules. Those familiar with Fire Emblem know that when a character dies in Fire Emblem, they’re gone for good. No way was I going to play a Fire Emblem game with the casual setting turned on, I would have cheated myself out of an incredible, and emotional journey. While I did play with the classic rules, I didn’t play on the hard or lunatic difficulties, instead, I kept it at the normal level to ensure I had some sanity left after my time with the game.

I got the hang of the classic rules after playing a few chapters, but not before losing a few units. I decided to keep going instead of quitting and reloading my save file. I soon became attached to the game’s characters and wanted to make sure they were all getting used during battle. I watched their levels and stats grow, and learned which characters were best for each situation. Even though I felt that my characters were strong enough for any situation, the threat of death was around every corner. Eventually, I ended up dying, quite a bit actually.

Every time I lost one of my strongest characters, I turned the game off and started the chapter from the beginning. I didn’t do this all the time, just the majority. In fact, I intentionally sacrificed a couple of characters during the end stretch to gain a strategic advantage, however, something strange happened during these sacrifices, a feeling came over me that no other video game has ever managed to evoke. I couldn’t help but feel that their death was similar to that of a warrior dying with honor on the battlefield. Their life and death played an important role in furthering my position in the war, it was then when I realized that I was finally ready to let go.

The strategic gameplay was something that pulled me in like no other RPG has ever done before; it was actually a little addicting. Something about moving around the grid felt so satisfying, a feeling that other turn-based RPGs can’t offer. You’d think that Fire Emblem Awakening was my first tactical RPG, but I have played Final Fantasy Tactics, although that was like 13 years ago. Fire Emblem Awakening not only reignited my interest in the genre, but also for the series.

There are a lot of other reasons behind choosing Fire Emblem Awakening to be game of the month. Fire Emblem Awakening has a high replay value with a ton of content worth seeing. In addition to the main quest, there are eighteen paralogues to play. Paralogues are essentially the same length as most chapters and offer new characters to recruit while offering a good challenge. One of the game’s best characters is recruited during a paralogue, plus they are great for gaining some extra experience outside of the normal grind. Fire Emblem Awakening also offers a nice bit of DLC right now with a nice bit on the way. I only had the chance to play the free DLC offered by Nintendo, but I really enjoyed it and feel that it is implemented well. Completing DLC may reward you with classic Fire Emblem characters, or even new character classes, making them worthy of a download, in my opinion.

Outside of additional quests, Fire Emblem Awakening’s class system is absolutely stellar. After getting a character to level 10, you gain the option to upgrade to an advanced class by using an in-game item. Changing to an advanced class will start you over from level 1, but you gain the ability to learn new skills. Skills can give you advantages during gameplay such as moving a second time, gaining a permanent boost to your maximum HP and many more. You can also switch classes whenever you reach your class’s max level. The obvious advantage here is that you start from level 1, as mentioned above, which gives you the ability to grow your character’s stats once again. Essentially, you can keep doing this until your unit is strong enough to mow down a field of enemies alone.

Honestly, I could go on and on about Fire Emblem Awakening – if you want to learn more about the game, please check out my review. I’ll definitely be checking out more games in the series now that I’ve had that first taste. For that reason alone, Fire Emblem Awakening is the perfect pick for game of the month.


Fire Emblem Awakening Review

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Fire Emblem Awakening Review

Prior to popping the Fire Emblem Awakening game card into my Nintendo 3DS, I was only familiar with the series because of the Super Smash Bros. games. I must admit, I was a little intimidated to get into the series so late, but I’m glad I did.

Fire Emblem Awakening was released for the Nintendo 3DS on February 4, 2013. It’s a tactical, turn-based role playing game that follows Chrom and a mysterious avatar – the character you create at the beginning – through their struggle with the neighbouring nation of Plegia.

This story is told using anime cut-scenes, in-game cut-scenes, and dialogue on the battlefield. I really enjoyed the use of all three techniques and felt they all served their purpose well; some last minute taunting on the battlefield was all I needed to push through the struggle.

3DS_FireEmblemAwakening_0117_02I can’t compare the story to other Fire Emblem games, but I was a tad disappointed. While there is a massive cast of interesting characters and an interesting story, the overall arc felt a bit generic, even with the time travelling aspects. The twists (including the ending) were predictable, but the game definitely has great moments; one of which involves the sacrifice of a certain character. The story is logical, and isn’t hard to follow with information being revealed a consistent pace. Overall, the story is good, and if you enjoy tales of magic and dragons, then you’ll enjoy Fire Emblem Awakening, regardless of my opinion.

Fire Emblem Awakening is broken up into chapters with each chapter being accompanied by plot development, and gameplay. Aside from the main chapters, there are eighteen paralogues that are essentially sidequests. You meet new characters during these small bits, and can even recruit the game’s best character, Donnel. Paralogues are on par with the rest of the game and are just as enjoyable, plus they make great excuses for grinding experience.

For those not familiar with the Fire Emblem series, you don’t advance in the traditional way. Yes, you can visit shops to buy items and weapons, but there is no free roaming around the map. You progress by beating one chapter at a time and move around a world map to select the chapter you want to play.

Each chapter puts you on a battlefield that is divided into squares. Each character is represented by a small sprite and can move a specific number of squares on the grid. The action is turn-based, so you must select your character’s moves one at a time. You’ll enter a battle when you encounter enemies on the battlefield, but can avoid confrontations by keeping your distance. Also, the terrain can limit your mobility, so you must take that into consideration when moving your characters. This is just one small piece of the chess-like, tactical gameplay you’ll experience in Fire Emblem Awakening.

Characters play the role of one of the game’s 40+ classes, each complete with their own set of strengths and weaknesses. Some classes can move farther (such as Pegasus Knights), and some classes can only use certain weapons. When approaching enemies on the battlefield, it’s important to take note of the weapon they have, and the weapon you are using. This is mainly because Fire Emblem Awakening has a lance-sword-axe dynamic that is similar to rock-paper-scissors; a small mistake can easily lead to death. Mage and archer classes can attack from a distance, and healer classes must be within range to mend a warrior’s wounds.

fireemblema_screenshot4Of course, defeating enemies will gain you experience points. Gaining experience points means you can level up, much like any standard RPG game. Certain classes can be maxed out meaning you can no longer gain levels; however, you can switch to an advanced class, or a different class using in-game items. This will start your character over at level 1, but they can now gain more experience, stats, and learn new skills. While this won’t play a big role early on, it becomes necessary later in the game if you want to stay alive.

Fire Emblem Awakening also offers a whole host of strategic elements, but in my opinion, the most important is battling side by side with another character. When two characters are adjacent on the grid, they will lend a hand in battle which can result in stat boosts, or the other character jumping in front of you to block an attack. This becomes extremely important because the more you fight alongside other characters; the larger their bond grows. Larger bonds will mean higher stat boosts, and if you build the characters’ relationship to its highest level, they practically become invincible.

Growing the bonds between characters can play a role in the story, and the sidequests that you can complete. After enduring battle, you can go to a support menu to initiate chats between characters. These offer some cute, and funny exchanges between characters, and must be completed to grow the bond; your bond with a character is measured by C, B, A, and S ranks for those that can get married. Married couples can also produce children that can be recruited in paralogues that only open after marriage. This mechanic offers some truly unique depth that I haven’t experienced in any other game – take into consideration that I may not have played the game you have in mind.

3DS_FireEmblemAwakening_0117_01There are a few other aspects of Fire Emblem Awakening that must be discussed before I conclude this review. You are offered the choice between two game modes: Casual and Classic. If you play using the casual setting, your characters will be revived between battles. If you choose classic mode, your characters will leave the battlefield forever if they die. You can also pick between normal, hard, or lunatic difficulties before starting your game. I played the game on normal difficulty and using the classic rules, and I thought it was quite challenging. I offed more characters than I want to admit, but I really enjoyed the experience. In a nutshell, Fire Emblem Awakening’s gameplay is its strongest asset. It offers truly addicting gameplay with a lot of RPG elements to keep the experience interesting.

Fire Emblem Awakening’s other strengths are its visuals and soundtrack. Not only does the game look incredible in-game, but its cut-scenes are among the best on the 3DS. One of my favourite aspects of the game is watching characters pull off flawlessly animated maneuvers in battle. Of course, the game also has a stellar soundtrack, but it also sports the best 3D effects on the Nintendo 3DS. No other game – that I have played – can compare to Fire Emblem Awakening’s stereoscopic 3D. It provides the most believable sense of depth that I have experienced thus far. I was in awe many times when playing this game because I didn’t think 3D could truly be this magical; this game sets the bar that other 3DS games should try to reach.

Final Thoughts:

Fire Emblem Awakening is a stellar strategic RPG experience that caters to fans of the series and welcomes newcomers. There is a massive cast of characters with each having incredible growing potential including a variety of classes to master, lots of weapons and skills to equip, plus the ability to create bonds with other characters. It took me 22 hours to complete the main quest (26.5 according to my Activity Log), but I could easily lose another five to six hours completing sidequests, building characters, and playing DLC. If you’re looking to invest some time in a 3DS RPG, Fire Emblem Awakening should be that game.

9/10 – Excellent

Borrowed a Review Copy

Fire Emblem Awakening – DLC Trailer

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Press Release: The Adventure of a Lifetime Awaits in Fire Emblem Awakening

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First True 3D Entry in Revered Series Now Available for Nintendo 3DS

Feb. 4, 2013

REDMOND, Wash., Feb. 4, 2013 – You are standing at the edge of a massive battlefield. Before you stands a sea of enemies: wyvern riders, dark mages, fearsome knights. You and your companions must use your wits to defeat the approaching onslaught. One wrong move could end in defeat. But the right decisions could result in a glorious victory. Your archer is in position. Your healer is standing close. You are defending the Kingdom of Ylisse from a vicious enemy alongside the bravest warriors in the land. You are ready. This is Fire Emblem Awakening.

Today, for the first time, the epic fantasy turn-based strategy series launches for Nintendo 3DS in retail stores and in the Nintendo eShop. Fire Emblem Awakening follows the story of Lord Chrom as he bands together with a growing army of brave companions to save the world from a rising evil.

“The Fire Emblem series has been enchanting fans for years on many different Nintendo systems,” said Scott Moffitt, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of Sales & Marketing. “From Game Boy Advance to Wii, millions of knights- and mages-in-the-making have enjoyed adventures through the mysterious and fantastical worlds of these games. This new Nintendo 3DS adventure will let people experience the franchise in a whole new way with detailed graphics, an engrossing storyline and deep tactical combat.”

Fire Emblem Awakening stars a massive cast of playable characters with unique personalities and individual skills. As the dramatic and emotional storyline unfolds, the characters in the game take part in numerous battles where strategic decisions determine success or failure. Like previous games in the Fire Emblem series, if a beloved character falls in battle, he or she is gone forever. This unique feature continues to add tension and urgency to the engrossing game play the Fire Emblem series is known for. For a more casual game-play experience, players can choose “casual mode,” which does not have the permanent death system.

New to the series are a host of new features that make Fire Emblem Awakening the deepest and most robust entry in the series. In the game, when characters pair up, they can perform devastating dual strikes or protect each other from oncoming enemies. As the game progresses, these partnered characters build a relationship and can eventually get married and have children. Players can use the StreetPass functionality of the Nintendo 3DS hand-held system to create “StreetPass teams” composed of the characters from the game. After tagging someone with StreetPass, players can engage with the opposing team and battle for control of the opposing team’s leader, recruit the team leader with gold or purchase any items he or she is carrying.

Outside of the main campaign, owners of Fire Emblem Awakening can purchase and download additional weekly maps. The maps will offer valuable rewards for completing them, including new playable characters, new class types and skills. The first of these downloadable maps features legendary Fire Emblem character Marth. This map is available now, and is free until March 5. Additional maps will be released each week and can be purchased from the in-game shop. In addition to content that can be purchased from within the game, Nintendo will also distribute new content via SpotPass for free. Starting at launch and continuing for the months following, SpotPass content will be distributed and will feature new maps with new storylines, characters and items.

In addition to the stand-alone game, a special limited-edition Fire Emblem Awakening Nintendo 3DS bundle is also now available in stores. The bundle includes the game pre-installed on a blue Nintendo 3DS system emblazoned with Fire Emblem artwork. It also includes a 4GB SD memory card. The bundle is available for a suggested retail price of $199.99.

Remember that Nintendo 3DS features parental controls that let adults manage the content their children can access. For more information about this and other features, visit http://www.nintendo.com/3ds.

For more information about Fire Emblem Awakening, visit http://fireemblem.nintendo.com.

Fire Emblem Awakening – Character Progression Trailer

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Fire Emblem Awakening Character Classes Trailer

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Fire Emblem Awakening TV Commercial

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Fire Emblem Awakening – Building Your Army Trailer

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Fire Emblem Awakening Bundle Confirmed for North America

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Nintendo has confirmed that a Fire Emblem Awakening bundle is indeed coming to North America, at least in the US and Canada. More details are to come, but like other recent 3DS bundles, Fire Emblem Awakening will be pre-installed on the 3DS handheld. The Fire Emblem Awakening 3DS will also be the regular model and not the 3DS XL.

Fire Emblem Awakening Screenshots

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January 10, 2013

Nintendo Details Fire Emblem Awakening DLC, StreetPass and SpotPass Features

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Details for Fire Emblem Awakening DLC have been sparse, in fact, I don’t think we’ve received any yet, other than DLC will be a part of Fire Emblem Awakening. That ends today, Nintendo is sharing a lot of details regarding DLC for the next Fire Emblem entry.

Starting launch day, February 4, players will be able to purchase new maps for Fire Emblem Awakening. Additional maps will be launching on a weekly basis, but players will be able to get their hands on the first map for free, at least for a limited time. Additional maps will be offered at various price points and will include content such as maps with new storylines and special maps that give extra experience points, gold, or rare items. You can access DLC from the Outrealm Gate which is unlocked on the in-game world map after completing the fifth mission.

Nintendo will also be supporting both SpotPass and StreetPass functionality. Using SpotPass, Nintendo will deliver free content to players that will include new maps with new storylines, new characters and items as well. SpotPass content will be delivered within the launch time frame.

Fire Emblem Awakening’s StreetPass feature will allow you to create a team of 10 units made up of characters from the story mode. These special teams can be given custom team names and messages that other players will be able to see. StreetPass characters will show up on the world map and you will be given the option to recruit the team leader for gold, buy their weapons or items, or battle to receive the leader for free. Players will have full control of battles just like in story mode.

A Fire Emblem Awakening demo will also be available on the Nintendo eShop on January 17, 2013.


Jan. 10, 2013

Nintendo has revealed new information about Fire Emblem Awakening, launching exclusively for Nintendo 3DS on Feb. 4. The story of Fire Emblem Awakening begins in the kingdom of Ylisse and centers on Lord Chrom, the brother of Ylisse’s Holy Ruler. Chrom leads the Shepherds, a band of soldiers who defend the borders of Ylisse from Plegian bandits. Players create a custom avatar and play as Chrom’s right-hand man who is deeply ingrained in the main storyline. In addition to an immersive storyline, Fire Emblem Awakening keeps the adventure going with StreetPass and SpotPass functionality, as well as downloadable content available for purchase. Newly revealed information includes the following:

Downloadable Content: Maps will be available to purchase and download starting on launch day, and others will be distributed regularly. The first downloadable map will be available for free for a limited time only and will serve as an introduction to the steady weekly stream of additional maps. The additional maps will be offered at different price points. Players with a copy of Fire Emblem Awakening and a broadband Internet connection will be able to access the downloadable content through the Outrealm Gate located on the in-game world map, which will be unlocked after the player completes the fifth mission in the main story mode. The content will include additional information about new class types, skills, playable characters, maps with new storylines and special maps that let players earn more experience points, gold or other rare items.

SpotPass: In addition to content that can be purchased from within the game, Nintendo will also distribute new content via SpotPass for free. SpotPass content will be distributed in the launch time frame and will feature new maps with new storylines, characters and items.

StreetPass: Fire Emblem Awakening players can set up a StreetPass Team and exchange certain game data with other players. The StreetPass Team is made up of 10 units from an existing team in story mode. Players can also edit team names and create custom messages for other players to see. StreetPass characters will randomly appear on the world map, giving players the option to recruit the team leader with gold, buy any weapons or items the team is carrying or battle and win to recruit the leader for free. Like the random battles in the main story mode, the player will have full control of battles in StreetPass mode. Players will also earn “renown” based on battles won. A players’ “renown” is visible to other players through StreetPass.

Fans can also try out Fire Emblem Awakening prior to launch by downloading the free demo available in the Nintendo eShop. The demo will be available on Jan. 17. When the game launches on Feb. 4, shoppers can purchase the packaged game as usual at retail locations nationwide. Or they can simply purchase and download the game on their own from the Nintendo eShop using a wireless broadband connection. Regardless of their purchasing method, the game sells for a suggested retail price of $39.99. For more information about Fire Emblem Awakening, visit http://fireemblem.nintendo.com/.

Fire Emblem: Awakening Receives a Release Date

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Fire Emblem fans can rejoice knowing a new chapter in the RPG series is coming soon. On February 4th, Nintendo 3DS owners will be able to get their hands on Fire Emblem: Awakening.

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