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Eight Terrifying Pieces of Video Game Music to Listen to on Halloween

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Video game music tends to leave a lasting impression on most gamers and the right track can make levels and/or moments from any game much more memorable. From a horror perspective, music can help create a dreadful, haunting atmosphere that creates unsettling feelings inside the player. To celebrate the Halloween occasion, we’d like to share eight pieces of video game music that has choked us with its cold, clammy hands ever since the first listen.

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Eight Terrifying, Persistent Enemies from Non-Horror Video Games

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Horror games are purposely designed to scare you silly, so you expect a bloody monster to pop out and rip off your head. Though, it’s a bit unexpected when a developer includes elements of horror in their seemingly innocent game. Usually, these elements come in the form of a persistent, terrifying enemy that will not let up until it gets what it wants… you. Read more

Cult County to be an Episodic Game

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Jools Watsham provides some commentary on Cult County during this demo and reveals an interesting tidbit of information. Cult County is being developed as an episodic game with six episodes planned over two seasons. Each episode will be about 4 hours long, be offered at a low price, and have cliffhanger endings.

Renegade Kid’s work with the FPS and horror genres was fascinating on the Nintendo DS, so it will be interesting to see Cult County as a finished product.