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Jump Trials Extreme Review

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Jump Trials Extreme Review

Jump Trials Extreme is a sequel to Jump Trials and was released just one month later on December 27, 2012. Jump Trials Extreme is nearly identical to Jump Trials, however, setting the two apart are its many improvements to graphics, level design, and replay value.

As for concept, nothing has changed in Jump Trials Extreme. You are still controlling a stickman and must complete each of the game’s 100+ stages in less than 10 seconds. The controls are exactly the same meaning you’ll only be worrying about moving and jumping, and even the physics for how the stickman handles hasn’t changed. However, G-Style has added new features to make playing the game’s main mode, Trials Mode, both more interesting, and challenging.

jumptrialsextreme_ss1The most obvious additions to the game are its new obstacles. New additions include the pairing of colored doors and switches, intermittent spikes, limited use springs, and see-saw lifts. Of course, all the old obstacles make a return, but it’s the new ones that add some much needed spice to the game.

It’s also worth mentioning that every stage is completely new, and while some may look familiar, these familiarities fade fast. As for the stage design, it’s much more punishing this time around and will the game will start to challenge you earlier than Jump Trials did. Jump Trials Extreme has larger stages when compared to its predecessor, and also has multiple paths. While these paths have no real influence on the main mode – other than giving you a little variety – they do play a much bigger role in the game’s Challenge Mode, and the new Time Attack Mode.

Back in Jump Trials Extreme is the fascinating Challenge Mode which challenges you to collect three medals of Bronze, Silver, and Gold variety, then complete the stage. This mode has remained relatively the same, except now you will have to travel along some of the stages’ alternate paths to collect every medal.

jumptrialsextreme_ss2New to the series is Time Attack Mode, a much needed time trials experience that should have been included in the original. Time Attack Mode is similar to Challenge Mode in the sense that you are completing the same 100 stages from Trials Mode, but now you are competing for the fastest time. You are awarded a bronze, silver, or gold badge dependant on your performance. The times to beat have been set by the developers, and they make things extremely challenging. In my opinion, this is where the alternate paths play their biggest role, which is forcing you to find the quickest path to the exit.

Musically, Jump Trials Extreme is much of the same. While the tracks are new, and enjoyable, there is nothing special about them, and they do repeat quite often. However, the graphics have been improved quite a bit. Stages now look less bland with some nice background art, and the overall presentation has been given a nice face lift.

Final Thoughts:

There isn’t much more to say about Jump Trials Extreme that hasn’t already been said in the Jump Trials review. It is a much more challenging experience that also manages to retain the charm of the original. I thoroughly enjoyed this title as much as its predecessor, and believe its new features give it a slight edge. Also, the game has a secret eleventh level which holds 10 of the hardest stages you’ll play across both games. These stages even carry over to the game’s supporting modes, increasing the overall replay value. Speaking of replay value, I have been playing for a little over four hours, which happens to be double my time with the first game. If you enjoyed Jump Trials, Jump Trials Extreme is a must purchase, especially at its low price of $1.99.

8/10 – Great

Purchased on the Nintendo eShop