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La-Mulana Whips Download Charts Worldwide

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La-Mulana has only been available on WiiWare for nearly a week, but in just one week, La-Mulana has managed to top the charts worldwide. It is the number download in USA, UK, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, France and Spain. I am ecstatic to see the game doing well, it has had a hard road, and it deserves this spot because you can feel the passion that went into the remake.

The full press releases are below, of which MiniFortress gets a mention, twice!!

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La-Mulana (WiiWare) Review

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La-Mulana is a 2D Action Archaeological Ruins Exploration game that was originally released on the PC many years ago. It was developed as a tribute to the MSX with graphics, music and an interface created to emulate the 80’s Japanese computer.  La-Mulana has built a cult following since its early release, so you can imagine the excitement when a remake for the WiiWare service was announced. Years passed without mention of a release date and Nintendo fans became somewhat worried about the project. Read more

New La-Mulana WiiWare Trailer

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I’ve been following this game for years, but have kept holding out until it landed on the WiiWare service. Now that it’s coming, I can’t help but wonder whether people still care. Regardless, this trailer helped reinvigorate my interest in the game.

La-Mulana launches on the WiiWare service on September 20, 2012.