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Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball Review

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One has to be curious about Nintendo’s entry into the world of free-to-play gaming. While that technically started with Steel Diver: Sub Wars, the game was so tedious and boring that I couldn’t even play enough of it to warrant a review. However, Nintendo definitely upped their game with the surprisingly glorious Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball, though I wouldn’t necessarily call it free-to-play.

Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball is a free-to-play game – though I use the term loosely – that was released on April 3rd, 2014. The game is free to download on the Nintendo 3DS eShop and gives gamers a small sample of what they can expect from the game. After downloading Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball, players can hop into the first game right away without making any purchase commitments. The game Nintendo gives you is actually a demo of the insanely addictive Bat and Switch. You get to sample a handful of levels for free, though you’ll need to purchase the full Bat and Switch game to experience everything. Technically, I don’t consider this free-to-play by any means, and truly believe Bat and Switch should have been completely free, though it was a fantastic enough experience to convince me to dive deeper into Rusty’s world.


So, when you’re ready to purchase Bat and Switch, head over to Rusty’s shop. You – and by you I mean your Mii character – will be greeted by Rusty Slugger, a former pro baseball player that now sells sporting equipment and Nontendo 4DS hardware and games. Yes, you read that right; the Nontendo 4DS is Nintendo’s clever way of selling you mini-games, or 4DS cartridges if you prefer. You’ll notice right away that Rusty is a glum fellow, which plays a part in the 6 episode length story. You’ll be constantly cheering up Rusty with donuts and a variety of miscellaneous items, which help him solve some of his problems. Rusty’s wife is missing, he isn’t properly caring for his kids, and his confidence is at an all-time low. He practically lays a guilt treatment on you to convince you to buy his mini-games, to help him better his life. This, of course, leads to the game’s haggle mechanic.

rustys-real-deal-baseball-ss2To see the whole story, you must purchase six specific mini-games (there’s a total of ten mini-games) from Rusty. These are the mini-games that you must haggle with Rusty to buy. You haggle with Rusty by giving him donuts to cheer him up, providing the best answers to his questions, and providing specific items when necessary. Making all the right moves will give you the lowest possible price on each game. The game will tell you that you’ve reached the lowest price and then ask you to continue to the Nintendo eShop to buy the game. Of course, you’ll be spending real money on these mini-games. There are four other mini-games available, though these aren’t necessary to complete the game’s story and can’t be haggled for; you must use discount coupons on these mini-games, which can be earned by playing through the game’s mini-games.

So, how are the mini-games from Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball? As I alluded to above, these mini-games are fantastic, specifically the hitting mini-games. Every mini-game has 50 levels that challenge you to top a set score without losing your hearts. The hitting mini-games – Bat and Switch and Cage Match – challenge you to read pitches and swing for the fences, complete with a satisfying hit sound effect. Missing a pitch means you’ll lose a heart and when all three hearts are gone, you’re out. The mini-games start off easy enough by giving you slow pitches, but will ramp up the difficulty by throwing fast and trick pitches at you. The first 25 levels you’ll face are considered basic challenges, and once you complete over half of these stages, 25 advanced levels will open up.

Of course, there are other mini-games that put you in different roles. There are some catching and throwing mini-games, as well as an umpire mini-game. They all follow the 50 level format, though with a variety of new challenges to experience. Every game also has a pick-up-and-play control scheme that usually require only one button to play. I won’t detail them all, but these are also quite enjoyable and worth the low price of $2 or less that you’ll spend on them. In general, all of the mini-games have an addictive quality that is hard to explain.

rustys-real-deal-baseball-ss3Each mini-game offers a ton of replay value, not only in finishing its 50 levels, but also in the Hi-Score Derby modes A and B that each offers. These challenge you to go for the highest score possible in grueling endurance-like challenges. You have to unlock these Hi-Score Derby games by collecting stamps, which are given after completing levels. Collecting stamps will also unlock donuts and items that are needed to advance the story. Each level and Hi-Score Derby modes also have gold, silver, and bronze medals to be won for those that like to complete everything. Lastly, you can unlock new costumes for your Mii character by getting gold medals in the Hi-Score Derby games.

Besides being quite addictive, Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball is a visually and aurally pleasing game. It sports colorful graphics and some fine use of stereoscopic 3D. Not much else can be said about the game’s graphics as they are quite generic, in the sense that there’s not much flavour to be added to baseball. Frankly put, the game’s music and sound effects are awesome. The soundtrack is full of delightful, retro-inspired tracks that fit the game well. However, the awesome, satisfying bat cracking sound effects keep me coming back to Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball.

Final Thoughts:

Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball is an excellent free-to-play experience – if it can truly be called that – and proof that Nintendo is testing the Nintendo eShop waters in unique ways. The full game can be purchased for $16 after some tough haggling with Rusty, with a handful that are worth visiting over and over again, especially to hear the sweet sound of baseballs cracking off your aluminum bat. It’s hard to recommend the game to everyone, though Nintendo has made it easier by giving everyone a free sample, which you should ultimately use to influence your decision. If Bat and Switch doesn’t suck you in, then it’s likely that you won’t enjoy the rest of what the game has to offer. However, if you do enjoy the game, prepare to get lost in a strange, but satisfying world of baseball mini-games.

8/10 – Great

Downloaded from Nintendo eShop (All six story games and one additional mini-game were purchased)

Tappingo Review

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Release Date: February 27, 2014
Platform: Nintendo 3DS eShop
Price: $2.99
Publisher: CIRCLE Ent.
Developer: Goodbye Galaxy Games

Hugo Smits of Goodbye Galaxy Games has long been a supporter of Nintendo’s digital storefronts. He has released many titles on the DSiWare service, but has just released his first Nintendo eShop game, Tappingo, for the Nintendo 3DS.

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Sonic Boom – Behind the Scenes

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Retro City Rampage: DX Update to Add Jukebox

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The first update for Retro City Rampage: DX will add a music jukebox to the game. This jukebox will contain 148 tracks, which is over 3 hours of music.


Get Pokémon X or Y Free During March After Registering a Nintendo 3DS and One Select Game

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Want to get Pokémon X or Y for free? Well, during March, gamers that register a Nintendo 3DS, 3DS XL, or 2DS with one of six select games (Mario Kart 7, Super Mario 3D Land, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins, or Yoshi’s New Island) on Club Nintendo will receive a download code for their choice of Pokémon X or Y.

To receive your download code, you must register your system and game between March 1 and March 31, 2014. Your download code for Pokémon X or Y must be redeemed before May 31, 2014.

Press Release: Tappingo will be released in North America on February 27th and Europe on March 6th!

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“Tappingo”(3DS ware) will be released in North America on February 27th and Europe on March 6th!

Your goal is to solve each puzzle picture by making all the numbered blocks extend into lines of the correct length. The number on each block indicates exactly how long the line needs to be.

The game keeps track of the time taken to solve each puzzle. You can challenge your friends or yourself to set a better time! How fast can you solve it?

The game features:

- Over 100 puzzles based on different themes (Hobbies, sports, computers, animals, etc.)
- Time Attack mode (Finish each puzzle as quick as possible)
- Two gameplay modes
- Cool art style

Game intro video:

Gameplay video:

Nintendo Minute Hosts Chat with Shovel Knight Developer

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Old-school Dungeon Crawler The Keep Coming to Nintendo 3DS

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Cinemax Games has announced The Keep, an RPG crafted to feel like the dungeon crawlers of old, for the Nintendo 3DS eShop. We don’t know much about the game at the moment, though we do know it will have real-time combat.

The Keep is expected to launch during Summer 2014.


Nintendo Minute Hosts Chat with Jools Watsham about Treasurenauts and Moon Chronicles

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Tappingo Trailer

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Tappingo will be released on the Nintendo 3DS eShop on February 27, 2014 for $2.99.

Nintendo Download for Februray 20, 2014

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Wii U eShop

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze – Available February, 21.

Nintendo 3DS eShop


Episodes of Inazuma Eleven

Quell Reflect – $3.99

Kung Fu Rabbit – $4.99 (Check out our Wii U review of Kung Fu Rabbit)

Virtual Console

Sky Kid (NES on 3DS) – $4.99

Ice Hockey (NES on Wii U) – $4.99

Super Smash Bros. U Screenshot – Nintendogs Are Huge

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Today’s screenshot shows how small the game’s characters are when compared to the Nintendogs!

Quell Reflect Coming to Nintendo 3DS eShop This Week

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Quell Reflect is a puzzle game that challenges gamers to reach a silver ball in so many moves. Players will have to navigate a water droplet – at least that’s what it appears to be – around obstacles to reach a level’s goal. The game has over 100 levels and a calming, enchanting soundtrack.

Quell Reflect will come to the Nintendo 3DS eShop on February 20, 2014.

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