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Somewhat Random – Sega Genesis DOESN’T Suck

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One afternoon not too long ago, I was having a conversation about video games with two of my friends; let’s call them Friend A and Friend B. We mostly talked about awesome Super Nintendo RPGs, but the topic somehow switched to the Sega Genesis. Friend A and I both grew up with a SNES and Sega Genesis, so we quickly started talking about awesome Genesis games. Friend B was quick to point out that “Sega Genesis Sucks.” Of course, Friend B didn’t have a Sega Genesis growing up and couldn’t name a single game besides Sonic the Hedgehog, and that game sucked too.

Immediately, Friend A and I looked at each other and laughed, because we knew better. Friend B then challenged us to name five games that prove it doesn’t suck. It didn’t really matter what we named though, because it wasn’t like we could change Friend B’s mind. Read more

Top 20 Sonic the Hedgehog Zones

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This list was initially created to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Sonic the Hedgehog series. The idea was to go through each Sonic game and pick out my favourite zones. Well, last year I played through 52 zones spanning the classic Sega Master System, Sega Genesis, and Sega CD games. Out of those 52 zones, I managed to narrow this list down to 20. It was grueling to replay each game, but now I can proudly present you the Top 20 Sonic the Hedgehog Zones

20 – Jungle Zone – Sonic the Hedgehog (Master System)

This is a great zone for many reasons. First, it has an incredibly upbeat song worthy of any Sonic game; however, the jungle setting is its real strength. Sega was able to include many neat obstacles for Sonic to overcome in this zone, such as rolling logs, vines, and even waterfalls. My favourite aspect of this Zone is climbing the gigantic waterfall in Act 2. It’s a standout stage because it offers great platforming during your vertical ascent. Yes, this is a change of pace for Sonic, but the design is honestly a lot of fun and challenging, not to mention the cool waterfall backdrop. Sonic even fights Robotnik high above the jungle, which is also a nice touch. Read more